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Read a Friend’s Heart #145

December 14th, 2014


Blessings to all

Who have been engaged with these messages, who have worked with me and mentored me, who have encouraged and criticized, who have co-created work for the benefit of the many and the few.

We are bidding adieu to a tumultuous year of emotional, spiritual and physical upheaval on a global scale. The personal is universal. I pray that everyone enters the new year believing in oneself. When you are lonely, when you are afraid, connect with someone. Do it even if you feel you just can’t. What you need will meet you.

Wind howls off the mountain,
Turning our thoughts to snow.
What are you feeling, love?
Snow. Snow in my hair, ice on my eyelids,
Blood freezing in my veins, snow
In my solitude of snow. Who or what
Are you looking for? You, just you,
A snowy hand in a hand of snow,
A pomegranate cracked open in the snow,
And six luscious seeds thawing my tongue.
What then, my love, what then?
Going forward, forming the words ‘I love you’
From a burning core inside the snow.


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