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Iam a man who believes men are created to love, celebrate, honor, work with, and serve women. The centuries-long oppression of the feminine by the masculine is coming to an end.

Although gender inequality and violence against women continue at appalling rates around the globe, we are also witnessing (and, in ever-growing numbers, participating in) an evolutionary process involving women and men that will change the world we live in and the world future generations will inherit.

In this process, men are unlearning conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior that are no longer tolerable or appropriate, and women are claiming leadership roles and commanding social skill sets that position them to lead a movement of transformed relationship space with men.

At this website, my friends and I will share our activism and narrative healing via talks, conversations, meditations, writing, stories, performances, and my blog, “Man in a Woman’s World.”

We will be healers, participants, and witnesses of:

We are birthing a new consciousness in which Venus, the Divine Feminine, asserts herself anew in women and men. Increasingly, women are leading, breaking ground, making policy, and rejoining with men who are wide awake, men who are cocreators, men who are not just men, but “Wowmen.”

Together, we tap in to beneficial energy, inspiration, surprise, and the comfort of safe communities. May we feel empathy, peace, and green desire to heal ourselves, each other, and our planet.

Our fire circle of stories, talk, and action ignites; the sparks we set off fly into the night sky, becoming stars.


Here is a poem, offered with gratitude, to you:

A woman and man stand alone in the street

The street is empty.
No human or animal appears.
Even the birds are absent.

They say to each other what
Are we doing here? Where
Is everybody? Lawn sprinklers erupt.

Automatic, the woman says,
Like most of our thoughts—actions
Without meaning, actions while asleep.

And consequences, the man murmurs.
Oh yes, she agrees, always results.
So, what will we do now? The man asks.

Walk, I guess, the woman says.
They slow down at the edge of town,
Listening to the ruckus over the hill.

What do you think? Machinery?
No, she says, it’s people, a lot
Of people. Hear it now?

Sounds like marching. Sounds like weeping,
Yelling, singing. Let’s go, she says. Why?
Because we’re needed. Because we have to.

—Robert McDowell

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