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At Your Door: The Divine Feminine

Only The Divine Feminine—in women, in men—can restore to health our wounded planet. Yet, this goal can’t reach its full blossoming as long as women and men follow separate paths or work at cross-purposes to one another.
In this crisis is an immense opportunity to birth a new paradigm distinguished by evolved, gender-enlightened relationships between men and women. This work, already begun, must ramp up. How? What must be done? It begins with women and men embracing and transforming their shadows.
Men of the new paradigm must support and celebrate women. They’ll do so by unlearning conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior—cultural and familial hooks set in early childhood—that are intolerable and inappropriate. Gender-enlightened, they’ll do so by partnering with women in more balanced, creative ways. They’ll do so by recognizing and accepting the truth that this process of waking up and growing up will be often guided by women.

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