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Read a Friend’s Heart #147 Poetry Talks

January 15th, 2015


Opening day, Empire State Building
Dear Friends,

Two weeks into 2015, how is your guidance working? Have your readings, consultations or past life mapping steeled your resolve? Will you finally heal the childhood wound you’ve nursed all your life? Will you break through in a relationship, or find one, or launch a new business venture? How is it going, your dialogue with yourself?

If you are still seeking empathetic company on your wild, unique journey, consider joining me for POETRY TALKS, a five-week online workshop that begins on Friday, January 23rd.

Together, we’ll discover a group of poems and unfold their messages that speak to your experience on a deeply personal level. These poems and their insights will help you break through barriers of self-doubt, recrimination and frustration to a place where genuine progress is not only possible but inevitable.

Each poem will enflower and empower you. Each will be accompanied by an MP3 for your listening pleasure (you can take it with you wherever you go). I’ll also suggest writing play that you can engage with in your journal and with friends.

If you’d like to join us, send me an email at rmcdowell@mind.net to sign up. The cost is $77.00 for the five weeks.

Please join us. Enrich your journey! You have only your true self to find.

With blessings always,




My Core Stories Program guides you through your ten essential core stories. You’ll unlock them, unblock them, engage them and learn to work with them in your daily life.

Join me! Tap into your core stories. Celebrate and explore what makes you unique. Come with me on a journey of narrative healing through meditation, journaling, poetry and lively one-on-one conversations.

This journey heals old wounds, clear obstacles that hold you back and usher you into your creative, unique power.

For ten weeks, I’ll work with you to open up the core stories of your life. Each segment will heal, empower and enrich you in your spiritual quest, your job performance and your relationships.

Would you like to come along on this journey? Then email me at rmcdowell@mind.net, or poetrymentor@mac.com to sign up. The one-time cost for this Core Stories Program is $297.00.

As a bonus, I’ll send each participant, each co-creator, a PDF of five Poetry Talks, personal essays on the wisdom of poems through the ages.



My fourth full-length collection of poetry, The World Next To This One, has been published by The Salmon Publishing Company in Ireland and is now available. http://www.salmonpoetry.com/details.php?ID=328&a=257 Order direct from Salmon Publishing, Orders over 20 Euro are shipped free worldwide! Please help us spread the word.

“Robert McDowell’s powerful narrative poems are among the best written over the last fifty years. His para-poems here extend the prose poem form with incisive, probing clarity and startling wit.”
–Ai, National Book Award, Poetry
Thank you again for your work, your interest and support.
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